Christmas music

"Legacy" by Professor Emeritus Neil Slater included among best boxed jazz recordings of 2017

Dec. 13-- Who says holiday albums have to be banal?

Not the most creative artists, who turn overly familiar fare into music worth hearing.

Following are the best seasonal jazz recordings of new and recent vintage:

Joel Paterson: "Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar" (Ventrella Records). Chicago guitarist Paterson has released one of the most disarming, joyous jazz recordings of this holiday season. As its retro title implies, "Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar" revivifies age-old Christmas tunes via a mid-20th century sensibility. But the overdubbing, reverb effects and clean-lined lyricism of this work sounds...

Dean Canty Band brings Christmas to Quinta Mazatlan

Fri, Dec 4, 2015 - 1:48am

By Rhonda Grubb

Dean Canty grew up in radio’s heyday where all means of entertainment came out of that little box with a speaker screen.

“My mother always had the radio on, listening to music because we didn’t have TV,” chuckled Dean Canty, a tall, vital man with sparkling eyes. “Every Saturday my older sister and I had to clean the house, so we did it listening to the Texaco Opera Broadcasts. We’d both sing parts.”

Though his father was only an appreciative bystander to the musical goings on in the home, his mom and sisters took their musical talents to the church choir and lifted up their voices around the...