College of Visual Arts and Design (CVAD)

Cultural creator and graphic design guru Ben Barry at FLC

By David Holub

It sounds like a beeping and booping, retro flash-forward operation from a 1970s sci-fi flick. But Ben Barry’s Facebook Analog Research Laboratory, an internal graphic design and print studio and art program, was responsible for defining and developing the internal culture and brand at the social networking behemoth.

One of the first communication designers at Facebook, Barry brings his show, “100 Patterns,” to Fort Lewis College’s Art Gallery, with an opening reception from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Wednesday. The show runs through Oct. 7.

Barry’s geometric and...

New Media program at UNT to give studio a digital-age makeover

By Lucinda Breeding

Professors Liss LaFleur and Martin Back say the students in the University of North Texas New Media program are “astronauts.”

“I told my students that just the other day,” LaFleur said. “They’re charting new territory. They’re explorers.”

New Media is a fledgling program in the College of Visual Arts and Design. It’s a heady name for a program that merges the theoretical and conceptual with the long-standing disciplines within visual art: painting, drawing, photography, ceramics, craft and sculpture.

But New Media, they said, is also about tying ideas and fine arts to the digital...

50 years of curated fashion on view in the perfect Dallas venue

Fall is upon us, and here’s a curated show of fashion you can see as you shop. This week an exhibition opened at NorthPark Center in Dallas (a Nasher deal): Art Meets Fashion: 1965 – 2015. Curator and professor Myra Walker is also the director of the acclaimed Texas Fashion Collection at the University of North Texas, and she’s put together an all-star show of 29 iconic looks from the...

Art Meets Fashion: Timeless collaboration kicks off Dallas shopping mecca’s 50th anniversary

by Max Trowbridge The celebration of NorthPark Center’s 50th Anniversary begins this month with the opening of “Art Meets Fashion: 1965 – 2015.” Curated by Myra Walker (director and curator of the Texas Fashion Collection from the College of Visual Arts and Design at University of North Texas), the 50-year retrospective epitomizes NorthPark’s...

UNT ArtSpace Dallas exhibition features works of finalists from fall’s ‘Winner Takes All’ event

Public artworks that challenge one's thoughts, explore the role of women in society, offer viewers different perspectives, and allow for interaction and exploration are the focus of an exhibition at UNT ArtSpace Dallas in August and September.

The six finalists from fall 2014's Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas' CADD FUNd: Winner Takes All event will show their work and works-in-progress at the downtown Dallas gallery from Aug. 15 to Sept. 26. Admission to the gallery is free.

Four of the six finalists are from UNT, including winner Julie Libersat, graduate student Ellie Ivanova, and alumni Fari Rahimi and Lynné...