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UNT professor comments on FWISD's proposed $750 million bond package

Ja’Kobe Gibbons wants to be an air traffic controller so it makes sense that he attends Dunbar High School, where the campus skyline includes an OH-58 helicopter.

"There’s is something about planes," said the 17-year-old senior, who spends much of his day at Dunbar's Aviation Maintenance Education Center, where students study aviation engineering and technology and are prepped to enter the workforce in a city with strong ties to the industry.

The aviation center is a full-sized hangar and its helicopter, which is mounted on a pole, has become a landmark in the Stop Six neighborhood, a proud African American...

Hazard Warnings: Who Should Be Warned to Do What and When?

Fri, Jul 29, 2016

A group of risk experts is proposing a new framework to improve the effectiveness of public warnings when a hurricane, wildfire, toxic chemical spill or any other environmental hazard threatens safety.

Right now, “the potential for errors is high” when officials decide when to issue emergency warnings, who to send them to, and what safety measures to urge the public to take, says Thomas Cova, a professor in the University of Utah geography department.

That’s because “researchers tend to focus on one or two of those questions,” Cova says. “But it’s a challenge to think about all three,” which is necessary to avoid...