UNT professor talks about the field of ethnomusicology

Today Scott is joined by Vivek Virani, who teaches Ethnomusicology and Music Theory courses at the UNT. If you really love music, and are passionate about how different cultures interact with music, this episode is perfect for you! Listen online at as Vivek Virani walks you through courses he teaches, reveals who exactly might make a good ethnomusicology student, and more.

UNT music professor discusses high school football corridos in Rio Grande Valley


Throughout the week, Hugo de la Cruz, better known to his loyal fans as Mr. Nifu Nifa, can be found chatting on the radio airwaves at Tejano 102.1 FM, based out of McAllen.

The longtime locutor talks about a variety of subjects on his daily program "Mi Valle, Mi Voz." On that same station, he can also still be found under another banner.

"Todavía tengo el programa de 'Football Scoreboard,'" de la Cruz says proudly of his long-lasting hit series. As part of a generation that included previous iconic locutores like "Chuy" de Leon and Rogelio Botello Rios, de la Cruz is the last of his kind still standing...