America unmasked

Thu, Jul 17, 2008

UNT professor thinks superheroes tell distinct stories about our culture

Comic book superheroes have soaked the movie house this summer with the angst and rage born of their famously mutated blood. Its true of the Incredible Hulk, Hancock and Hellboy. And on Friday, the thoroughly human, non-mutated Batman comes roaring back into the cinema. Hell probably score the highest-grossing weekend of the year if industry predictions bear out.

Call these summer action flicks popcorn-tossing entertainment if you must. Shaun Treat, a University of North Texas professor, insists that these superheroes even the ones who don...

Shlachter & Co.: TCU Press seeks mass-market-friendly titles

Thu, Jul 17, 2008

Academic presses are not known for mass-market-friendly titles.

Consider the University of Utah Press All Veins, Lodes, and Ledges Throughout Their Entire Depth: Geology and the Apex Law in Utah Mines.

But Texas Christian University recently launched a series of inexpensive, Lone Star-themed books specifically not for the specialist reader with a high threshold for boredom.

'These days, academic presses have to get into bookstores, not just libraries,' said Judy Alter, director of TCU Press and author of numerous books, including Extraordinary Texas Women. Its one of three back-pocket-sized titles in...

Texas needs to diversify energy mix with nuclear power - Related Stories - NEI SmartBrief

Mon, Jul 14, 2008

Power costs are among the highest in the nation for Texans, who depend on natural gas for 72% of their energy supply. Nuclear energy needs to be added to diversify the energy mix in Texas and offset the rising cost of natural gas, says Bernard L. Weinstein, director of the University of North Texas Center for Economic Development and Research....