"Legacy" by Professor Emeritus Neil Slater included among best boxed jazz recordings of 2017

Dec. 13-- Who says holiday albums have to be banal?

Not the most creative artists, who turn overly familiar fare into music worth hearing.

Following are the best seasonal jazz recordings of new and recent vintage:

Joel Paterson: "Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar" (Ventrella Records). Chicago guitarist Paterson has released one of the most disarming, joyous jazz recordings of this holiday season. As its retro title implies, "Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar" revivifies age-old Christmas tunes via a mid-20th century sensibility. But the overdubbing, reverb effects and clean-lined lyricism of this work sounds...

How digital is impacting the holiday season

Christmas trees are out, candy canes are on display and fake snow is afloat at local retailers as they prepare for the holiday shopping madness. 

Local businesses are still dependent on their brick-and-mortar sales, even as the National Retail Federation's holiday survey showed for the first time that more people plan to shop online than at any one kind of store. 

Richard Last, a retired University of North Texas professor who helped launch J.C. Penney Co.'s website, said a lot of companies realize they need an online presence. That doesn't mean the focus this year will solely be online. 


Add sizzle to your grill game

Thu, Jun 30, 2016 - 8:09am

Charcoal briquettes or fresh tank of propane? Check. Platter of pretty cuts of meat? Check. Ice cold beer, lemonade and citronella candles? Check, check and check.

We’re headed for the Fourth of July weekend, and it’s time to fire up the grill. While you wait for it to heat up, here’s some food for thought about what’s on your grill this weekend.

It’s what’s for dinner

In the rush of internet memes about modern American patriotism, bacon hogs the spotlight.

You’ve seen them. A toddler nuzzles a happy pig through a fence, with the words “I love you, future bacon” stamped across it. An image of bacon...