Current, former parade grand marshals set to tell tales at Outrageous Oral

By David Taffet

Current and former Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade grand marshals are the speakers for Outrageous Oral 17, set for Thursday, Sept. 17 in the Rose Room at S4.

Outrageous Oral is the oral history project of The Dallas Way organization created to preserve the history of DFW’s LGBT community. Each speaker’s story is recorded and made available on YouTube. The videos are also preserved at University of North Texas as part of its North Texas LGBT digital archive.

Dreanna Belden, assistant dean for external relations at UNT Libraries, said YouTube is a great way for The Dallas Way to get its stories...

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The Willis Conover archive is online


The music program at the University of North Texas has graduated hundreds of jazz artists who went on to successful careers as professionals. Woody Herman populated virtually an entire edition of his Thundering Herd of the 1970s with North Texas graduates, and they keep coming. Jimmy Giuffre, Herb Ellis, Billy Harper, Marvin Stamm, Bob Belden, Norah Jones, Dee Barton, Gene Roland, Marc Johnson, James Chirillo and Jim Snidero are a few of the musicians that UNT has sent into the jazz world. Now, UNT is making another kind of contribution to the preservation of jazz.Under Maristella Feustle of the university’s...

5 digital mapping projects that visualize literature

By William Fenton

In my previous column, I considered how learners could use digital mapping projects to explore history. This week I observe another way that maps serve humanistic inquiry: the study of texts.

While it's comforting to think of texts as fixed artifacts, digital mapping projects illuminate their various social, historical, and economic contingencies. How did Darwin's Origin of the Species change through its six editions? Who corresponded with and influenced Voltaire? What did Leopold Bloom's Dublin actually look like? The forthcoming projects don't seek to resolve these questions, but...

Digital database breathes new life into newspaper archives

The newspaper morgue is dead at the Cleveland Advocate but it will be given new life in 6-8 months. The archives have been loaned to the University of North Texas in Denton to be digitized and converted into an online database.

Once complete, anyone wishing to search for content from the Cleveland Advocate will be able to do so through UNT’s Portal to Texas History website. The digitization of these archives, as well as limited editions of the Eastex Advocate, Dayton News, Illustrated Paperboy and Cleveland Journal, is being funded through a grant from the Tocker Foundation.

The $13,000 grant was obtained by Austin...

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Grant provides library automated catalog

Thu, Jul 30, 2015 - 12:37pm

Rhome Public Library received a $7,286 grant from the Tocker Foundation to automate the library’s catalog.

The Tocker Foundation provides grants to rural libraries.

The grant paid for Dr. Sian Brannon, the assistant dean of collection management at the University of North Texas, and a team of UNT volunteers to come to the Rhome library on a Saturday and input nearly 3,000 books into the new automated system. The library’s catalog came fully online by early July.

The system, Apollo, allows library customers to view the full catalog at their own homes and also speeds up the check-out process.