UNT professor talks about the field of ethnomusicology

Today Scott is joined by Vivek Virani, who teaches Ethnomusicology and Music Theory courses at the UNT. If you really love music, and are passionate about how different cultures interact with music, this episode is perfect for you! Listen online at https://yescollege.com/episode/vivek-virani/ as Vivek Virani walks you through courses he teaches, reveals who exactly might make a good ethnomusicology student, and more.

The North Texas Art Collective representing for Latinos

Nowadays, it seems there’s a podcast for just about everything. Despite the variety, not everyone feels served. In this week’s Art&Seek Artist Spotlight, I connect with an arts collective hoping to represent for North Texas Latinos through podcasting.

When you listen to Eva Arreguin and Rafael Tamayo chop it up on their podcast – ‘De Colores Radio’ – you’re no longer just walking the dog or sitting at the bus stop. Instead, you’re in a room with a couple of good friends. And y’all are talking about Selena.

But the podcast isn’t just...