UNT Logistics at 20: Center grows as recognition increases

Fri, Jun 17, 2016 - 3:24pm

By Robert Francis

UNT Logistics

 Ranked fifth globally based on faculty publishing

 Seventh largest undergraduate program in the U.S.

 Fastest growing program nationally over the last 8 years

 National Logistics Challenge 6X National Champions

 All LSCM sections taught afternoon or evenings, leaving morning free for other courses or employment

 $227,751 in scholarships awarded to LSCM students since 1997

 Required paid internship

 Current employment opportunities: Five local jobs for each available graduate

 Graduates automatically qualify for...

Two students conduct civil rights research in Corpus Christi

Wed, Jun 15, 2016 - 5:00am

By Julie Garcia


Becky Moeller said many of today's civil rights and labor battles were being fought 30 years ago.

Shortly after Moeller graduated from high school in the late 1960s, a different war raged on the country's public restrooms, she said.

"They're using the same hokey arguments today that they used in the (Equal Rights Amendment) argument. (They said) if the ERA passes than men and women will share the bathroom," the former Texas AFL-CIO union president said. "It's that fear that (opponents) are coming up with now. They prey on other peoples' fears."

The Corpus Christi native...

Gov. Abbott Wants More Scientists; Wingz Launches Service At Dallas Airports; Unt Wins Enviornmental Award

Wed, May 11, 2016 - 10:08am

By Heather Noel

Every day, Dallas Innovates staffers scan websites looking for the most interesting, important, and unusual stories about innovation and creativity. Here are three we thought you’d like:

In his recent visit to Dallas, Gov. Greg Abbott emphasized his mission to attract more scientists to Texas. It’s part of his effort to help Texas be more known for its life sciences rather than its oil and gas production. That means...

North Texas Woman Hopes App Will Help Human Trafficking Victims Be Seen

Fri, May 6, 2016 - 8:00am

Human trafficking happens everywhere, but it's a crime that is hidden in plain sight.

"I think it would be hard not to find a location in our area that didn't have some form of human trafficking," said Lisa Mercer, a design teacher at the University of North Texas.

For her graduate thesis, Mercer developed an app to help report suspected cases of human trafficking. It's called Operation Compass.

"To me, it's like a way home. You can use a compass to get home," Mercer explained. "I...

The drug sniffing car: Texas researchers say vehicle can pinpoint homes of drug users from a quarter of a MILE away

Tue, May 3, 2016 - 6:31pm

by Cheyenne MacDonald

A 'drug-sniffing' car developed by researchers at the University of North Texas can track down drug users from a quarter of a mile away.

The device, demonstrated in an electric Ford sedan, allows a police cruiser to detect nearby drugs based on their chemical signatures, according to CBS DFW

Researchers say the portable...