In The Lab Where Art and Science Fuse

Thu, Sep 22, 2016

By Jerome Weeks 

I’m wearing 3D glasses in a pitch-black room at UNT, and I’m facing a screen the size of a wall. This entire lab is a virtual reality projection room with 10-channel stereo sound. And what’s on screen looks like intersecting streams of stars. Or like Dallas from a DC-9 at night — all those lines of glowing lights going off into the distance.

“So what you’re seeing now looks like a 3D galaxy,” says Ruth West, director of the xRez Art & Science Lab at UNT.” But with your arm movements, you can move this entire galaxy around.”...

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Science at play: July Fourth’s pyrotechnics are the result of centuries of discovery

Sun, Jul 3, 2016 - 11:42pm

They boom, pop, sizzle and squeal.

Makers have figured out how to pack them so they explode in shapes like flowers, fountains and planets.

Pyrotechnicians ignite them in sequences as if choreographing a dance for the night sky, sometimes timing the flares and bursts to music.

But it’s the simple, ancient combination of gunpowder and salt that works the magic, those flitting, earthbound stars whose color and sparkle we can’t resist.

Fireworks were invented in 12th-century China. Albert Einstein’s study of quantum physics helped scientists better understand why metal salts made reliable colors when...

xREZ: UNT Lab Melds Arts, Science into One

Sat, Jun 22, 2013

The xREZ Art + Science lab has shattered the wall between academic disciplines at the University of North Texas, boldly combining several different fields of study into one.

There are computer engineers, psychologists, scientists, anthropologists, journalists, musicians, photographers, and artists all working together to solve today’s biggest problems. It’s about taking the enormous amounts of data that exist in today’s world and making an experience out of it.

 Students discuss a project at the xRez lab at the University of North Texas. (Photos courtesy of xRez)

“We actually want...

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Texan With Character: Jim Marshall

Fri, Jun 17, 2016 - 8:18pm

University of North Texas chemistry professor Jim Marshall’s hobby combines his love of history and science.

He shared his passion for the elements of the periodic table with his wife Jenny. Together they traveled the world seeking the elements.

“We have sloshed though swamps, we’ve climbed stairs, we’ve climbed mountains,” said Marshall about their adventures.

Their rarest find was tellarium; discovered in a remote Romanian mine.

“Tellarium was the first metal we found… running up the mountain side, holding on to the crash bar for dear life,” remembered Marshall fondly.

Sadly, their...

Gov. Abbott Wants More Scientists; Wingz Launches Service At Dallas Airports; Unt Wins Enviornmental Award

Wed, May 11, 2016 - 10:08am

By Heather Noel

Every day, Dallas Innovates staffers scan websites looking for the most interesting, important, and unusual stories about innovation and creativity. Here are three we thought you’d like:

In his recent visit to Dallas, Gov. Greg Abbott emphasized his mission to attract more scientists to Texas. It’s part of his effort to help Texas be more known for its life sciences rather than its oil and gas production. That means...