Student Money Management Center

Student Money Management Center at UNT earns national recognition

The Association for Financial Planning Counseling and Planning Education recognized the University of North Texas Student Money Management Center for its work during an award ceremony last week. 

The center was named the association's Outstanding Financial Counseling Center of the Year for its work educating UNT students.

Additionally, two staff members were recognized by the group: Paul Goebel, the center's director, was named the Mary Ellen Edmondson Financial Educator of the Year; and Rachel Grimes, assistant director of financial readiness, earned the Financial Counselor of the Year award.

Ask the Experts - 0% APR Credit Cards

Mon, Feb 13, 2017

Paul Goebel

Director of the Student Money Management Center at University of North Texas

  Why do banks offer 0% credit cards? I believe banks offer 0% credit cards as a way to entice new customers. While customers benefit from using the cards interest-free during a defined introductory period, I would imagine banks are hoping customers will continue to use the cards after the introductory periods end. Continued use will often lead to rollover balances that are then hit by the cards’ regular annual percentage rates, which can easily be in the double digits. ...