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UNT plans residence hall project

By Jenna Duncan

DALLAS — There will be 500 new beds on the University of North Texas campus by summer 2018, the first of a two-phase residence hall project the university’s Board of Regents approved Friday.

Although there are no preliminary plans drafted, the project will be in two phases: 500 beds by 2018 for $44.8 million and another 500 beds at least a year later for $48.2 million. The estimated costs are based on the final calculations for the university’s newest dorm, Rawlins Hall, which opened last fall.

Administrators estimate construction on the second phase of the project will start in 2019 but could...

UNT Announces Campus Carry Law

DENTON (WBAP/KLIF News) – The University of North Texas is the latest state college to release its policy for guns on campus.

The UNT Board of Regents’ decision prohibits open carry on the Denton campus.  However, those with a concealed permit will be allowed to carry their gun.

Guns will not be allowed at athletic events, and they can be taken into dormitories to be stored.

The rules were decided on by a task force comprised of UNT administrators, faculty and students.

UTA holds campus carry town hall hours after Ore. shooting

By David Goins

ARLINGTON -– Students and faculty at the University of Texas at Arlington voiced opinions and concerns on Thursday about how to implement a state law allowing guns in university buildings.

The law takes effect Aug. 1, 2016, but institutions of higher education are required to engage in feedback from the campus community during the fall.

UTA hosted the third of five town halls on Thursday evening. After the mass shooting on an Oregon college campus earlier in the day, the debate seemed more crucial than ever.

Aerospace engineering...

6 Bizarre Forms of Discrimination That Can Lose You a Job

By Robin O'Lachlan

Ever wonder why you never get picked for a good job? Hell, you've got all the requirements they need and you've got sex appeal. What's going wrong?

These are all questions we've been asking ourselves lately, and it turns out that, tired of the same old prejudices from previous generations, businesses are getting creative in their discrimination.

#6. By Your Handwriting

In this modern day and age, you would think that handwriting has become irrelevant in the workplace. Who cares if you dot your I's with love hearts? Who cares if you turn every "A" into a...

Majority at UT campus carry forum say: Keep guns out of classroom

By Tom Benning

AUSTIN — A strong majority of speakers at the University of Texas at Austin’s first campus carry forum on Wednesday night voiced concern about the contentious law that will allow licensed Texans to carry concealed handguns in campus buildings.

But since lawmakers didn’t allow public universities to totally opt out of campus carry — as private schools can — many of those opposed to the proposal focused more on imploring school officials to make classrooms and other specific areas gun-free.

“I’m here to say as emphatically as I possibly can: Guns don’t belong in classrooms,” said Joan Neuberger,...