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TB Winds, a boutique music shop, now open in Denton

As Tony Barrette strings lights alongside a saxophone at his work station, he explains how he's working to fix the instrument for a high school student in Frisco. 

One piece was missing that normally takes two weeks to get in the shop, but the student needs it back tomorrow. Instead, he just made it himself, he explains casually as natural light pours in through large, scenic windows overlooking the downtown courthouse lawn. Next will be fixing some bent keys.

The saxophonist and repairman has worked out of a high-profile shop in Michigan, his own space in Boston and now at TB Winds — a new...

UNT professor comments on why corporate leaders seek out challenges after meeting goals

In February 2016, a mutual friend introduced Dallas executive George Jones to Ron Baldwin, who runs Kansas City-based CrossFirst Bank. In an introductory phone call, "[Baldwin’s] second or third sentence was, 'Do you have one more in you?'" says Jones, who retired as CEO of the parent of Texas Capital Bank in December 2013. Jones recalls it took a moment to realize Baldwin was talking about another stint in banking. "'Yeah. Yeah, I probably do,'" Jones said.

Jones is in his early 70s and financially secure from a decorated banking career. But today he goes on sales and fundraising calls as CrossFirst's vice chairman out of...

UNT business professor: Can Black Friday save retail?

"Retailing is very tough, and I think the online thing is hard to figure out."

— Warren Buffett, 2017 Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting

Black Friday, traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year, is right around the corner. The sales boost could not come soon enough for most retailers.

2017 has been rough for those peddling their wares. Since its peak in December 2016, the entire retail sector is down 20 percent (as measured by the Retail Exchange Traded Fund, or XRT), even with online giant Amazon gaining 50 percent in the same time period.

This performance...

Longtime local business owner, UNT alum dies at 87

Brian Briscoe recalled his father, Jack Edward Briscoe, as a devoted businessman who told masterful stories and volunteered in Denton schools long after his own children graduated. 

Jack Briscoe, the former owner of Briscoe Alignment & Tire, died Wednesday.  He was 87. 

"Dad built his business, which will have been here 50 years, on personal relationships," Brian Briscoe said. "He believed in talking to people, taking care of them. He was all about handshakes. He felt like if he could give that customer service himself, that would build the business. He might not have had the lowest prices...

City's newest school namesake leaves lasting legacy in Denton education and community

The Denton ISD school board voted unanimously on Tuesday to rename Robert E. Lee Elementary School for a woman who taught in the district for 45 years.

So who is Alice Alexander?

On paper, she was a lifelong Denton resident and the daughter of Fred Moore, a civic leader and the city's first African-American principal. She was a teacher for nearly half her life and a staple in her Southeast Denton neighborhood. She passed away in 2007 at age 100.

But her legacy can't be confined to paper. People who knew her, and even those who didn't, recognize the importance of affixing her name to a place where...

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