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Football: UNT’s player-run summer drills paying off

There were times over the summer when North Texas quarterback Andrew McNulty and the Mean Green’s wide receivers would get together after conditioning drills.

Other times they would meet at night by themselves on an empty field.

No matter the time or place, the routine was the same. McNulty threw, threw and threw some more.

“We did a lot of stuff as an offense out on the field on our own — working on timing, spacing and how guys like to run routes,” McNulty said. “We know little things as far as timing and spacing can really accelerate your offense.”


Did chucking stones make us more human?

By Paul Salopek

DMANISI, Georgia—Reid Ferring holds a rock in each hand. They are the size of hens’ eggs. They are oblong. They are grey. They are categorically ordinary. Aside from numbers inked onto their surfaces for cataloging purposes, they look like a quadrillion other natural stones scattered across the face of the Earth. “The evidence is circumstantial,” Ferring, an American archaeologist, admits. “But we’ve got some good indications they were thrown.” He is talking about prehistoric pitching. Hundreds of such nondescript...

Linux Foundation announces 2015 Linux Training Scholarship recipients

The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux and collaborative development, today announced the recipients of its annual Linux Training Scholarship Program.

This is the fifth year Linux Foundation has hosted this program, which has awarded a total of 34 scholarships totaling more than $100,000 in free training to professionals who may not otherwise have access to these opportunities.

More than 850 entries were received this year across seven categories. The most popular submission category was again SysAdmin Super Star, demonstrating the lucrative career...

Researcher earns lifetime career award

Richard Dixon, a distinguished research professor at the University of North Texas, earned the Phytochemical Society of North America’s Phytochemical Pioneer Award.

Phytochemicals are natural plant chemicals, and a part of Dixon’s research activity.

He received the award at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign during the society’s annual meeting recently.

Can you believe these fitness mantras?

Envision the gym as a time-machine gallery; on its walls hang posters printed with slogans that, through the ages, have alternately inspired and shamed. Now, though, stepping back to look at them, they can also perplex.

No pain, no gain — seriously? Well, maybe. Back to that in a minute.

But other supposedly motivational sayings that show up on the Internet — Men shouldn’t hide weakness, they should kill it was one we found — elicit more of a “huh?” than awe.

We picked six and asked fitness experts to offer their takes.


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