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6 Bizarre Forms of Discrimination That Can Lose You a Job

By Robin O'Lachlan

Ever wonder why you never get picked for a good job? Hell, you've got all the requirements they need and you've got sex appeal. What's going wrong?

These are all questions we've been asking ourselves lately, and it turns out that, tired of the same old prejudices from previous generations, businesses are getting creative in their discrimination.

#6. By Your Handwriting

In this modern day and age, you would think that handwriting has become irrelevant in the workplace. Who cares if you dot your I's with love hearts? Who cares if you turn every "A" into a...

Majority at UT campus carry forum say: Keep guns out of classroom

By Tom Benning

AUSTIN — A strong majority of speakers at the University of Texas at Austin’s first campus carry forum on Wednesday night voiced concern about the contentious law that will allow licensed Texans to carry concealed handguns in campus buildings.

But since lawmakers didn’t allow public universities to totally opt out of campus carry — as private schools can — many of those opposed to the proposal focused more on imploring school officials to make classrooms and other specific areas gun-free.

“I’m here to say as emphatically as I possibly can: Guns don’t belong in classrooms,” said Joan Neuberger,...

Iron-gallium alloy shows promise as a power-generation device

An alloy first made nearly two decades ago by the U. S. Navy could provide an efficient new way to produce electricity. The material, dubbed Galfenol, consists of iron doped with the metal gallium. In new experiments, researchers from UCLA, the University of North Texas (UNT), and the Air Force Research Laboratories have shown that Galfenol can generate as much as 80 megawatts of instantaneous power per square meter under strong impacts. The team describes the findings, which could lead to the development of wireless impact detectors and other applications, in a paper in the Journal of Applied Physics...

Lease signed for UNT Frisco

By Jenna Duncan

The University of North Texas will pay nearly $1 million next year to rent space for a new satellite campus in Frisco, set to open in January.

According to the lease agreement obtained by the Denton Record-Chronicle, the 36,600 square feet of office space will cost $25.50 a square foot, and each year until June 2021 the rent will go up by 50 cents per square foot. Next year, the university will pay about $933,300, and for the final year of the lease, from mid-2020 to mid-2021, UNT will pay just over $1 million.

The building, owned by Hall Financial Group, was built in 2003 and has a...

Football: Young LB garnering respect

By Brett Vito

Only a few hours had passed after Brandon Garner backed out of a commitment to Purdue when a new opportunity arose in the summer of 2013.

The former Mansfield Timberview linebacker really hadn’t had a chance to consider what would come next. After all, he had only been back on the recruiting market for a matter of hours.

North Texas coach Dan McCarney showed up to see him at Timberview the very next day.

“I was like, ‘Who is this guy?’” Garner said. “I decided to go and check the school out. I sat down with coach Mac and committed right away. I knew this was the place I wanted to be.”...

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