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Senior class is always in session

At her 50th high school class reunion, one sixty-something graduate remarked, “If I’d known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself!”  Her portrait photo in the reunion book was taken on China’s Great Wall two years earlier.

So, how do you envision your senior years?

Many local retirees have opted for active “seniority” by setting up housekeeping at Robson Ranch off I-35W in southern Denton County.

The cozy community’s members– who like to work with their hands– organize art-related recreation, according to their own interests at the Ranch’s 11-year-old, multi-million...

UNT, Collin College to work together to design seamless transfer pathways

The University of North Texas and Collin College will participate in Education Design Lab’s Seamless Transfer Pathways Design Challenge, a 15-month design process exploring ways for students seeking a bachelor degree to transition smoothly from a community college to a four-year institution. 

While 80 percent of students enrolled in a community college express an intent to complete a bachelor’s degree, just 25 percent follow through by transferring to a four-year institution. Only 17 percent complete that degree within six years. The Seamless Transfer Pathways Design Challenge seeks processes...

UNT Working to Retain More Black Male Students

The University of North Texas is taking on a troubling statistic. The school found that it is retaining just over 73 percent of its African American male students. But several campus groups are trying to make a difference.

Joshua Okpara says the campus environment drew him to UNT.

“The best part of the college experience is you write your own story," said Okpara, a senior marketing major.

But like many college students soon find out, you can’t write that story alone.


Family Business Initiative at UNT connects students with the local community

The Department of Management at the University of North Texas College of Business is expanding the ways its Family Business Initiative is connecting UNT students to local businesses.

The UNT North Texas Family Business Initiative is building on an important partnership between the school and the community which has been on the rise in recent years. From large companies...

UNT music professor discusses high school football corridos in Rio Grande Valley


Throughout the week, Hugo de la Cruz, better known to his loyal fans as Mr. Nifu Nifa, can be found chatting on the radio airwaves at Tejano 102.1 FM, based out of McAllen.

The longtime locutor talks about a variety of subjects on his daily program "Mi Valle, Mi Voz." On that same station, he can also still be found under another banner.

"Todavía tengo el programa de 'Football Scoreboard,'" de la Cruz says proudly of his long-lasting hit series. As part of a generation that included previous iconic locutores like "Chuy" de Leon and Rogelio Botello Rios, de la Cruz is the last of his kind still standing...

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