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UNT Press publishes Marine's memoir

The University of North Texas Press has published Roy H. Elrod's We Were Going To Win, or Die There: With the Marines at Guadalcanal, Tarawa and Saipan.

The memoir ($29.95, cloth cover) recalls Elrod's time in the Marine Corps. He joined in 1940, and a few years later, he traveled to the Guadalcanal with the 8th Marine Regiment. Elrod commanded a platoon of 37mm gunners.

The marines powered through Japanese attacks, malarial tropical weather and starvation rations.  On D-Day, his platoon waded ashore at Tarawa with their 37mm canons, no easy task as they weighed 1,000 pounds. The soldiers slogged...

War of words with North Korea escalates

In a recent tweet, President Trump said that “only one thing will work” in dealing with North Korea. But what is that “one thing”? Is he calling for war?

We asked University of North Texas Political Science Professor Michael Greig that same question. He joined Dave & Amy from News and Information in the Morning today to talk about it.

Listen to the radio story online at

Vivian Castleberry, a trailblazing force for women, dies

If women have achieved any measure of equality and support in this city, they have trailblazing journalist and activist Vivian Castleberry to thank for helping to pave the way.

In a career spanning more than two generations, Castleberry revolutionized the coverage of women's issues, and well into her 90s worked on causes that gave women better lives.

She was a champion for women's rights in a male-dominated city, boldly demanding a seat at the table when few believed women deserved one.

From her early school days to her professional endeavors, Castleberry gave little thought to whether women had previously...

UNT expert gives thoughts for talking to kids about shootings

Nearly five years after his little girl Emilie was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Robbie Parker was wondering Monday how to tell his other daughters about another mass shooting — this one the night before during a music festival in Las Vegas.

The killing of 59 and wounding of 520 was not a topic Parker and his wife Alissa could ignore just because their kids are young: They knew Madeline, 9, and Samantha, 8, would learn of the massacre at school, just as they’d heard about the series of devastating hurricanes that dominated new cycles recently, said Parker, a physician’s assistant now living near Portland,...

UNT vocalists perform for Daniel Pearl World Music Days

Two vocalists will perform with the Lewisville Lake Symphony as part of Daniel Pearl World Music Days 7:30 p.m. Oct. 20 at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Flower Mound.

Samantha Kantak and Michael Anthony McGee will perform for the symphony's opening concert of the 2017-2018 International Chamber Series.

The concert will be among 2,000 concerts in more than 80 countries honoring the life of Daniel Pearl. Pearl was the Wall Street Journal's South...

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