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UNT faculty member discusses ancient origins of Diwali, India's biggest holiday

Every year around October and November, Hindus around the world celebrate Diwali, or Deepavali—a festival of lights that stretches back more than 2,500 years. And in India, the five-day celebration marks the biggest holiday of the year.

Like many Hindu festivals, there isn't just one reason to celebrate the five-day holiday. Pankaj Jain, a professor of anthropology, philosophy, and religion at the University of North Texas, says that the ancient celebration is linked to...

How to check your credit score for free, in 2 minutes

Checking your credit score is easier than ever. But people still don’t do it enough. Why? We posed the following questions to a panel of personal finance experts – including UNT’s Paul Goebel – to find out as well as to get tips for saving money while staying on top of your score.

  • How much easier is it for people to check their credit scores now than it was 5-10 years ago?
  • Is there ever a reason to pay to check your credit score?
  • Which benefits a consumer more: daily credit score updates based on one bureau’s credit reports or weekly updates based on two bureaus’ reports?
  • What...

Jonathon Fite: Momentum investing reigns (for now)

Last month this column briefly referenced that today's tech boom companies, in comparison with traditional "value plays," are more expensive than they were during the peak of the dot-com boom. This is a pretty bold claim and warrants further discussion. 

Bank of America's investment management arm, Merrill Lynch, publishes a periodic review of U.S. growth stocks versus the universe of value stocks in the marketplace. 

Growth stocks tend to be characterized by companies with strong revenue growth, even if profits are thin or nonexistent. In today's market, investors have bid these companies up to nosebleed...

UNT's first latino tenured professor celebrates 90th birthday

G. Roland Vela, BA ’50, PhD ’64, Life Member, raises his horns at his 90th birthday celebration, thrown for him in September by his family. Vela is a professor emeritus at The University of North Texas who supervised 20 PhD students and 40 master’s students before retiring in 2000. He joined the microbiology faculty in 1965 and was the first Latino professor awarded tenure at UNT. Vela was named one of the Top 100 Texas Latinos of the 20th Century by Latino Monthly and the soccer fields at North Lakes Park in Denton, Texas, are newly named in his honor.

In 1991, UNT established an award in his name awarded to those making...

'For Catalina's Time' explores culture of Mexico's Costa Chica

Upon entering the main gallery of the John Hope Franklin Center, I found myself feeling slightly overwhelmed. People milled about, entering and exiting a conference room adjacent to the exhibit I’d come to see. At the edge of the gallery, two people conversed about construction. And yet, amid the varied clamor, my mind was elsewhere, in a place I had neither been to nor heard of before: a region of Mexico called the Costa Chica. It is the setting and subject of Sandra Luz Barroso’s photographs now on display in “For Catalina’s Time.”

The exhibit, which also includes ten works of graphic art, arrived at the Franklin Center...

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