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From the C-Suite: Agents of Change

If you’re an executive who has worked for a company that’s been around for a long time, congrats. The fact that your employer survived the tumultuous retail climate of 2008 and the digital disruption that has occurred since is to be applauded. Often in these organizations, we find team members who have proudly logged 20-plus years of service and boast a hire date long before e-commerce was common.

While their experience and historical knowledge can be invaluable, if you lead large teams you’ll also invariably run across some associates who are openly, or maybe not so visibly, resistant to change. As...

LGBT history exhibit goes on display at Dallas City Hall

The LGBT Employee Association of Dallas, The Dallas Way and Special Collections of the University Libraries of the University of North Texas put together an exhibit on the history of the LGBT community in Dallas. Several Dallas city council members attended the opening along with city employees and members of the LGBT community as well as curators of the LGBT collection at UNT.

Three people spoke at the dedication, telling their personal stories.

Barbara Rosenberg talked about Judge Jack Hampton who justified sentencing the murderer of a gay man to a lighter sentence by saying, “I put prostitutes and gays at...

Cropped out: Denton ranchers feeling the pinch of city development

Shannon Flanagan remembers standing on the front porch of her two-story ranch house a decade ago, mesmerized by the primrose-covered prairies stretching for miles, unobstructed sunsets and the soothing melodies of wild birds perched in shade trees on her property only 7 miles west of downtown Denton.

Today, however, the open prairies surrounding her 8-acre horse ranch are succumbing to the plow of development. The melodies of wild birds have given way to the cacophony of cars, dump trucks, bulldozers and cement mixers rumbling across the congested two-lane road crossing the front of her property...

Why Working Out Makes You Want to Drink

How can your body yearn for a beverage that sabotages your efforts?

For years, I've often felt an odd craving after I work out: The desire to drink. Not water. Not a protein shake. Not a sugary, electrolyte-laden sports drink. Alcohol. The stuff that poisons the liver and dulls the mind, but in the form of an ice-cold IPA or a crisp gin and tonic nevertheless refreshes the spirit.

It's a craving that I find difficult to resist, and one that, as a certified fitness professional, is more than a little disconcerting. How can my body, which I condition daily to become fitter, faster, and stronger...

Siler wins Mayborn fellowship for biography of Chinatown slaves

Best-selling author and journalist Julia Siler won the 2017 Mayborn Fellowship in Biography from the University of North Texas' Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism. 

Awarded since 2011, the fellowship gives a biographer who has started researching or writing a manuscript with a residency Santa Fe, New Mexico, and mentoring from biographer James McGrath Morris. 

The fellowship is co-sponsored by Morris, a founder and president of Biographers International Organization and author of four biographies.

The institute announced the...

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