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Should we be worried about how our kids use the internet?

Part of Jacqueline Vickery’s job is to be constantly concerned.

Vickery, an assistant professor in the University of North Texas’ media arts department, isn’t worried about herself. She’s worried about what other people are worried about. Particularly when it comes to how society thinks about the internet and technology.

In her new book, “Worried About the Wrong Things,” Vickery examines the history of how digital media has been understood by adults — and how they are afraid of how young people use digital tools. The book focuses on how, because of that fear, parents and schools have cut off access to digital media...

American dreamers: Play about childhood arrivals makes tour stop in Denton

David Lozano thinks the time is ripe for theater companies to take on social issues — especially those with regional and national implications. 

"I feel that there is a burgeoning community, a hunger for confronting social issues, and a community that is hungering for creativity around social issues," Lozano said.

Lozano is co-creator of Deferred Action. He penned the second part of Cara Mia Theatre's trilogy on immigration with collaborator Lee Trull, the director of new play development at Dallas Theatre Center. The play is headed to Denton, on its way to Encuentro de las Americas Festival...

Record-breaking hurricanes stretch and strain FEMA

The devastating paths of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have stretched the Federal Emergency Management Agency to a point unlike any in recent memory as the country looks to recover from the damage caused by record-breaking winds and flooding across Florida, Southeast Texas and South Carolina, not to mention wildfires in the West.

The two storms have illustrated how the disaster agency — unable to be everywhere at once — has been forced to become more nimble. It has evolved from a command-and-control operation into coordinator that oversees and encourages help from outside groups, such as the private sector and nonprofits, and...

College kids cuddle pets

Animal-assisted therapy — in other words, sessions with dogs — is what the University of North Texas is now offering its student body.

Dog-facilitated workshops started in the spring of 2017 and are now part of the campus culture. Sponsored by UNT’s Counseling and Testing Services team, these sessions are designed to help students enhance their mood and mitigate anxiety while petting therapy dogs.

Students can choose from among three canine workshops. The first session is called "Healing Arts with Rockstar the Dog," in which students pet Rockstar while completing an art project designed to increase self-awareness,...

UNT establishes professorship in Jain religion

Jainism is an ancient religion from India that teaches nonviolence and love toward all living creatures. Followers, who are strict vegetarians, believe that even animals and plants have living souls and should be treated with respect.

Now, North Texans can study the religion at the University of North Texas. A professorship in Jain studies has been started with a $500,000 gift from the Jain Education and Research Foundation. UNT has named faculty member George Alfred James its first Bhagwan Adinath Professor of Jain Studies. 

James, who joined UNT in 1983, has long included information about Jainism in his...

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