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Tac on another win

By Brett Vito

Acheil Tac stared nervously at the rim after hoisting a shot as the final seconds ran off the clock in North Texas’ game against Southern Mississippi on Saturday at the Super Pit.

Terra Ellison cocked her head and leaned to the side, hoping to will her teammate’s last-ditch attempt into the net.

The ball bounced, bounced again and again before finally dropping through with 0.4 seconds left to give the Mean Green a thrilling 57-55 win against the Golden Eagles.

“I was lucky coach gave me the opportunity,” Tac said. “It was up there for a while before it went in. It felt good.”


'Stage Kiss' peppers comedy with absurdity, music

By Lucinda Breeding

What happens when a pair of one-time lovers reunites on stage?

In Sarah Ruhl’s Stage Kiss opening next month at the University of North Texas, there’s a lot of music, a little absurdity and lots of lucid questions about what grown-up love means.

“This is a thinking man’s comedy,” said director Marjorie Hayes. “Sarah Ruhl is looking at the expression of different types of love — there is infatuation, sexual attraction and then something more mature. Ruhl says you need three things to have mature love — exclusivity, consistency and longevity.”

Stage Kiss is about a...

Mother Courage, a review of "The Mother of Us All"

by J. Robin Coffelt

Denton — There were plenty of moments in Friday’s performance of Virgil Thomson and Gertrude Stein’s opera The Mother of Us All, directed by David Ward, when it was easy to forget we were hearing a student performance. The University of North Texas is home to the second-largest College of Music in the United States. (The largest is at Indiana University.) So listeners have been spoiled to expect fine performances. Listeners were reminded of the musicians’ youth, however, only through tells such as an unlined face emerging from under a gray-streaked wig. Their musicianship was...

UNT Announces Campus Carry Law

DENTON (WBAP/KLIF News) – The University of North Texas is the latest state college to release its policy for guns on campus.

The UNT Board of Regents’ decision prohibits open carry on the Denton campus.  However, those with a concealed permit will be allowed to carry their gun.

Guns will not be allowed at athletic events, and they can be taken into dormitories to be stored.

The rules were decided on by a task force comprised of UNT administrators, faculty and students.

Grammy Awards love North Texas

By Preston Jones

Don’t look now, but the National Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences is feeling a little sweet on Texas this year.

The California-based organization saw fit to nominate several North Texas artists for the awards it doles out on an annual basis: the Grammys.

From first-time contenders to veteran collectors of golden gramophones, this year’s crop of Grammy nominees showcases the diversity of the Lone Star State’s sound — everything from Top 40 pop to R&B to gospel and classical has been recognized — demonstrating that Texas can do much, much more than serve up good ol’ country music (...

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