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Researcher earns lifetime career award

Richard Dixon, a distinguished research professor at the University of North Texas, earned the Phytochemical Society of North America’s Phytochemical Pioneer Award.

Phytochemicals are natural plant chemicals, and a part of Dixon’s research activity.

He received the award at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign during the society’s annual meeting recently.

Can you believe these fitness mantras?

Envision the gym as a time-machine gallery; on its walls hang posters printed with slogans that, through the ages, have alternately inspired and shamed. Now, though, stepping back to look at them, they can also perplex.

No pain, no gain — seriously? Well, maybe. Back to that in a minute.

But other supposedly motivational sayings that show up on the Internet — Men shouldn’t hide weakness, they should kill it was one we found — elicit more of a “huh?” than awe.

We picked six and asked fitness experts to offer their takes.


2015 Vietnamese American music festival to open

by dangcongsan

The “2015 Vietnamese American Music Festival” will be held at the Grand Concert Hall in the Vietnam National Academy of Music in Hanoi from August 20th-22nd. The event will draw the participation of well known foreign and local artists such as Honna Tetsuji, Japanese music director and principal conductor of the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra; Dutch flutist and composer Paul Leenhouts, Director of the Early Music Department and the UNT Baroque Orchestra at the University of North Texas; and Cynthia Roberts, one of America’s leading performers on the Baroque violin.

Vietnamese artists will join...

LLELA Nature Preserve expands operation

By Heather Goodwin

The city of Lewisville, University of North Texas and Lewisville ISD are entering into an agreement to jointly manage Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area.

The city assumed operation of the main gate Monday. Public access to LLELA Nature Preserve is now available seven days a week, and the entrance fee has changed from $5 a person to $5 a vehicle. There will be an annual pass available for $60. It will be good for a calendar year, as the city does in all its parks. Current LLELA Nature Preserve annual pass holders can use the pass they already purchased until it expires.

Under the...

Insight Denton: Are there Asian Giant Hornets in Denton?

Are there Asian giant hornets in Denton?

It’s unlikely. According to University of North Texas professor and insect expert Jim Kennedy, North Texas is home to several large wasps that could be confused with those big hornets, including Sphecius speciosus, or the cicada killer.

Sphecius speciosus are common in this area and emerge in late June and early July. While they typically live until September or October, many are succumbing to the current heat wave and their bodies are turning up where they might otherwise be hidden.

Cicada killers are large, though typically not as large as an Asian...

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