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Technology focus makes UNT analytics graduates work-ready

By Susan Madrak

Like many analytics programs, the current program at the University of North Texas Denton campus started out as something else.

It started as an MS in Information Technology and Decision Sciences in 2011,” said Dr. Mary Jones, who chairs the Information Technology and Decision Science department in the school’s Department of Business.

The idea was to create a master’s degree that focused on business analytics to meet the needs of area companies. When the program began, the school offered three courses specifically focused in that area: data mining, predictive analytics, and a survey of...

New nanomaterial maintains conductivity in 3-D

An international team of scientists has developed what may be the first one-step process for making seamless carbon-based nanomaterials that possess superior thermal, electrical and mechanical properties in three dimensions.

The research holds potential for increased energy storage in high efficiency batteries and supercapacitors, increasing the efficiency of energy conversion in solar cells, for lightweight thermal coatings and more. The study is published today in the online journal Science Advances.

In early testing, a three-dimensional (3D) fiber-like supercapacitor made with the uninterrupted fibers of...

Larry McMurtry to receive National Humanities Medal at White House Sept. 10

By Michael A. Lindenberger

WASHINGTON—President Obama will award a 2014 National Humanities Medal to one of Texas’s — and America’s — most beloved writers, novelist, screenwriter and world-class bookman, Larry McMurtry

of Archer City.

McMurtry, 79, is one of 10 recipients of the medal to be presented at a White House ceremony Sept. 10. Chef and food author Alice Waters will be honored. Ten others, including novelist Stephen King and writer Tobias Wolff, will receive the National Medal of Arts.

McMurtry is probably most famous as the author of the Pulitzer-winning...

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Three deans receive temporary terms

Three new deans were appointed to temporary terms for the beginning of the school year.

David Holderman, who has led the College of Arts and Sciences since November, will continue for two more years as dean. Before he was appointed, he was the chairman of the Department of English.

The College of Business will continue to be led by Marilyn Wiley for the next three years, since she took over for Finley Graves in March. Graves is still with UNT, and is currently serving as provost.

Additionally, Greg Jones will serve as interim dean of the College of Information, as the retiring dean’s last day was Monday.

How the hover effect strands some children

New York author and blogger Lenore Skenazy asks what feels like a question tailor-made for the parents of the 21st century: “How come it’s unusual or frowned upon or illegal to let your kid be out of your sight?”


For families today, the world seems riddled with dangers — from real terrors, such as pedophile teachers, to more abstract worries like which activities will best suit children for college in a far-off future.

Parental anxieties work their way into institutions, too. In 2014, a South Carolina woman was...

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