San Francisco 49ers Dig For Gold With Pro Football’s First LEED Stadium


Tue, Jan 29, 2013 - 12:45pm -- (View the original Clean Technica article.)

The new Santa Clara stadium, home of football’s juggernaut San Francisco 49ers, is making a run for LEED certification when it opens for next year’s football season. No word yet on whether it’s going to hit silver, gold or platinum status (team owner Jed York is hoping for gold), but it will be the first pro football venue to get LEED certified, and it will feature enough on site solar power to offset all of the energy used during home games.

As for the stadium’s eventual certification status, it might not come close to the LEED platinum standard achieved by the University of North Texas for Apogee Stadium, but it still has plenty of green goodies to show off.

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